Who Are We?

High-Quality Electric Bikes within the United States which are made to be enjoyed! Whether you are looking for a bike to commute to and from work on a daily basis, or are looking to have a brand new toy within your home arsenal. Our Lightweight Electric Bicycles will give you the ability of being able to travel all over with style.


Faster Than Car

To get stuck in traffic, no parking space for an infinite time: bad memories. The electric bike is more practical and faster than car, it is ideal for short city journeys and can be parked anywhere. Not yet out of the car?

Eco-Sustainable Alternative

An electric bicycle does not emit polluting exhaust fumes harmful to the environment, it does not disturb as it is extremely silent, and has an irrelevant electric cost per kilometer. What is more sustainable than that?

Economy Choice

An e-bike has an electricity consumption equal to about 1 euro per 1,000 km. It does not require insurance costs, road tax or helmet obligation. Moreover, it exploits the bike paths and has access to the limited traffic zones. Have you already calculated how much savings?


With the electric bike you can choose how much effort you want to do and when you want to do it: to get to the office effortlessly and dry, for example. Or to take a nice ride and activate all your muscles, just by limiting the electric assistance. Do good to yourself, what are you waiting?

100% Carbon-Free From The Start

From the originating FIVE Plant in Bologna, Italy the main goal of all our bikes is to keep everything 100% Carbon Free.

FIVE is the first plant in Italy able to guarantee all the energy required for its production. FIVE is a factory for the production of our electric bicycles and batteries, which bases its activity on the principles of the nZEB, otherwise known as nearly Zero Energy Builder logic.



Cylindric cells in 36V & 48V Versions

FIVE offers an interesting range of lithium-Ion batteries equipped with Samsung ‘dmd’ cells. Currently, the factory is engaged in the production of serval types of batteries applicable on different frame structures. Lightweight and easy to handle, FIVE batteries are designed and built for both e-bikes with a standard of 15.5 mph and for speed pedelecs with a maximum speed of 28 mph.

Quality and long-life of FIVE batteries

Our electric bikes feature advanced lithium-Ion batteries, to guarantee greater quality and up to 1,000 complete cycles. FIVE rechargeable at any time and do not undergo memory effect while maintaining high performance. Charging times range from 4 to 7 hours. If the battery is properly stored, after 500 charges and discharge cycles it ensures a residual capacity of 87% of the nominal capacity.

Total Safety

FIVE batteries comply with the standard UN38.3which includes serval tests(altitude, thermal, vacation, impact, overload, etc.), many of which are crucial for safety. Passing the UN 38.3 tests is the mandatory requirement to sell the batteries individually and separately from the e-bikes. This allows customers to choose batteries with different capacities and purchase them as spare parts, after the result of normal exhaustion.



Also called Front Hub Motor, this engine is built-in inside the front wheel hub. An easy solution that allows a perfect balance of the electric bike’s weights, suitable for urban routes. Together with a speed sensor, the feeling is that of a soft and effortless pedaling.


Also called Rear Hub Motor, this engine is built-in inside the rear hub. The feeling is that of a natural propulsion from the back of the electric bike effortlessly, thanks to the use of the speed sensor. Particularly suitable for urban biking or trekking.


Also called Central Hub Motor. It is a configuration that, coupled with a torque sensor, allow to supply energy in proportion to the effort imposed on the pedal by the user. It is a suitable solution for mtb or trekking electric bikes