Who Are We?

We are e-Bikes Online, the Number One Supplier of High-Quality Italian Manufactured Electric Bicycles within the United States. Our story starts all the way back in the Italian Peninsula where we work directly with the largest manufactures in Italy. From there, our team works on getting our new bicycles safely into the United States and of course ship them out to our customers!

Our Current Most Popular Purchase

Wayel – E-Big 20″ 2nd Gen.

Moving is more fun with the second generation of eBig, the fat tires e-bike that retains all the agility and portability of a foldable bicycle. It guarantees maximum stability and grip on the road thanks to the innovative 20″X4’’ wide-tires that ensure a perfect and comfortable use on every type of urban route. The suspension fork, adjustable and the powerful rear motor give you fun and maximum road holding. The luggage rack is also standard on the new sand-coloured e-bike.

Technical Features

Extra Large Tires

The extra large 4” tyres increase the stability, the riding control and the safety, as they absorb the vibrations of the old town centres’ uneven paving.

“FAT” wheels and suspended fork

Thanks to 4” wide-tread section, the wheels of eBig are comfortable, stable and suitable for every city route. The suspended fork can be adjusted or locked depending on the use.

Standard bike luggage rack

The second generation of eBig has the standard luggage rack to carry groceries or small bags.

New Five F90 Motor


The second generation of FIVE engines: it was conceived for the most demanding riders.

F90 is designed for extreme use; it is the most powerful and the most responsive for a standing start. Just put your foot on the pedal to immediately feel the thrust of the engine.
The difference with its older brother lies in the increased power and more abrupt output to face all the climbs, even the most difficult ones, up to 30% of slope.

Product Information